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     1100 East Philadelphia Avenue, Gilbertsville, PA 19525. 1/2 Mile East of the Intersection of Route 100 and Route 73. 610-367-2461.
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Vendor Profile: Help your joints with CBD Healing Magic


Regular customers return each month to Zerns for a refill on ‘Tina’s Tinctures’. Customer reviews state that their discomfort narrows with these remedies for aches and pains. 

Along with candid conversation, Tina Rehrig and Brian Niece market CBD Healing Magic. Our own Zernie vendors head over to Tina’s stand after a long weekend of courting customers and being on their toes (or feet).

The tincture is sold in several sizes, a botanical hemp-based product that has brought pain relief to many with sublingal drops. You can purchase by the herbal renewal in small quantities, $39 to $69 based on the concentration; a favorite with farmhands and nurses. Visit this weekend! 










CBD Healing Magic, Stand #150A, the West Wing

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