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Vendor Feature: Greg’s Vinyls & Sportscards -Stand #217A


Former disc jockey, Reading resident Greg Bickta can weave a good tale and he has the collector’s memory and acumen to do that. From 1982 to 1996 he was a mobile disc jockey, entertaining at all types of events, especially weddings.

Greg became a vendor at Zerns Farmers Market  in 1996, a regular in the covered flea market for almost 20 years. He has the personality and ability to deal with customers in a friendly cordial way. His favorite era of music is from about 1965-1979, rock/psych/not metal, Led Zeppelin, Doors, Boston, Cars. He has a lot of hard to find stuff from the late sixties.


Mostly everything he collects hinges on the difficulty and excitement of the search, the thrill is high upon finding it. You might have to pry Greg away from a rare Elvis Album, the book price is $200, but Greg might part with it for $50. There are some groups, says Bickta, who have already brought back the psych/grunge style. Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, and Creed are a few of these.

If you are a card collector, you will find lots of choices! See if you can get Greg to part with a 1953 Bowman Baseball and the 1957 Topps Baseball card. “The Kodak finish increases value and beauty,” says Bickta, “they have such a deep, dark luxurious color. Bright yellows, reds, blue, and greens can be found in the 1969 Topps Football and the 1972 Topps Baseball cards as well.”

This is definitely a place for nostalgia buffs. Find Greg at Greg’s Vinyl and Sportscards, Stand 217A in the East Wing. Zerns Farmers Market. 1110 East Philadelphia Avenue, Gilbertsville, Penna. 19525. Special requests or searches? Try contacting Greg by email.

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