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Vendor Feature: Pickers Paradise

Vendor Feature: Pickers Paradise, Stand 139  – -Door 21 – West Wing

New vendor Reds started cleaning barns and collecting old stuff from the age of eight years, when he delivered newspapers in the neighborhood to help support the family. A real connoisseur of other collectors, he has spent a lifetime studying what they like and what they save.

Reds currently has two off-site storage places filled with items to sell and changes his merchandise at Zerns almost weekly. He spends weekdays selecting items from private homes,  where homeowners with goods to sell add unique stuff that might be of interest to Zerns customers.

A colorful personality, Reds has a keen eye for the collectibles that get tossed when houses are sold and estates are tossed by relatives weary of the old dust collectors.  Right now, there is a neat collection of drums, antique wrought iron garden hooks, new and old clay flower pots, and a couple of tempting comic book collections stored in a cardboard box since the 1980’s.


You never know what you will find each weekend, and all at reasonable prices. Visit Pickers Paradise, at Stand #29, Door 21 in the West Wing of Zerns Farmers Market.

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