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Vendor Feature: Lady G’s


UPDATE: May 2017: Due to a death in the family Lady G’s will not be open at Zerns Farmers Market during the summer. We hope vendor Gwenn will return in the fall.

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Slide down a feather and have a beautiful dream! That‘s what a traditional Dreamcatcher is for! The belief, held by at least a dozen American Indian tribes, is that mounting one of the circular creations near your bed will catch the bad dreams to be dissolved at sunrise,

and harvest the good dreams in the delicate woven circle.

Zerns Farmers Market welcomes Gwenn Bookheimer, our wonderful new foreseer of dreams, and metaphysical consultant. Gwenn recently opened a feathery colorful stand called Lady G’s.

Ask Gwenn to educate you about sage smudging or her beautiful handmade Dreamcatchers. And for a very reasonable price, ($5 to $30), you can take one home. Or ask Rev. Gwen for a consultation on a range of services, including Handfasting, now trending among young couples and based on an old Pagan ritual dating to the time of Celts. Lady G’s. Stand #204. Zerns Farmers Market.

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