Green Thumb Plant Auction is Back! Saturdays @ 6 P.M.

     1100 East Philadelphia Avenue, Gilbertsville, PA 19525. 1/2 Mile East of the Intersection of Route 100 and Route 73. 610-367-2461.
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Below is a directory of our vendors. Please refresh your browser to get updated information. Many of our vendors have been at Zerns for over 30 years! Feel free to stop by our office to get a map of vendor locations. We have wheelchairs available for our elderly and disabled customers. Visit our website regularly to learn about new vendors, special events, and promotions. Thank you for shopping at Zerns and supporting small business!



Mahoney’s. Stand #201. Beer collectibles, beer signs, early beer trays, German beer steins, Bud, Assorted cast iron cookware, vintage toys, old crocks, lighters, plates, primitives, old furniture, trains, depression glass, old oil lamps, laterns, fiestaware, old radios, stereo equipment, old farm implements, hull brownware, early glassware, automobile memorabilia, old cameras, early carpentry tools, HESS and other collectible trucks, antique bottles, pocket knives. Many new items every week from estates. If it’s old, we might have it. Contact: Jack Mahoney. (215) 512-9169


Toys are FUN! Stand #136. Contact: Neal Petenbrink. Vintage collectible toys, barbies, cars, puzzles, mugs, stickers

Gently Used Items. Stand #18A. Antiques and Collectibles. Contact: Jason Schan.


Would you like to become a vendor? We are looking for an arcade owner!


Bid Board Auction: Located in the Covered Flea Market Stand #170-176 – Antiques & Collectibles – Make an offer! Auction an item of your own. Bid Board Changes Monthly – Bid Board closes the last Saturday of every month at 2:00 PM. Click here for more information on the Bid Board Auction. Contact: Mr. Lou Smiley. Email.  Click here for Auction Zip website.

Green Thumb Plant Auction starts September 2014. The Midway. Saturdays. AUCTION begins at 6 p.m. (will be back in the spring 2015)

P & J Auctions LLC: Stand #303. LIVE AUCTIONS. Fridays at 5:00 p.m. featuring box lots and table goods. 7:30 p.m. features furniture pieces. Friday: Antique and Collectibles. 1st Saturday of each month: Food Auction. Contact: Joseph R. Smith, Sr. and Pamela Flaharty. Email   

Zerns Auto Auction. SILVER WING. Car Auction every Friday @ 6:00 PM. Contact: Mario Dispirito. 610-367-0205.


Amish Bakery. (We are looking for a vendor).

French and Italian Pastry Shop. Fresh baked bear claws, seasonal pies, Italian rum cakes. Stand #215. Contact: Michael Bruno.



Barber Shop. Stand #145, North Wing. Men’s and boy’s and lady’s haircuts. (610)-256-1371.


Do you sell beads? We are looking for a bead and do it yourself jewelry vendor!


Silver Star. Stand #249. Sterling silver, fashion jewelry, hair accessories, fashion watches, perfume fragrance. Contact: Jane and Kwang Lee Park. (201) 681-2186. Email


Love to read? Have a great collection? Do you have collectible books? We are looking for a book vendor!

Blankets and Lines

Looking for a linens vendor.


Poppy’s Peanuts. Stand #242 and Stand #242C. Assorted nuts and candy. Famous for our hot, fresh roasted nuts, dried fruits and old fashioned candy. Contact: Jeff Grossman. (215) 870-1849. Click here to check out our website for a detailed list of our available inventory.


Romeo’s Candy and Nuts. Stand #110 & Stand #111. Assortment of nuts, candies, chocolates, jellybeans, licorice, lollipops, pinatas, seasonal candy, pareils, mints, old-fashioned candy, and your favorite childhood candy. Contact. Romeo D’Aurizio. (610) 207-5947


Candles and More. Stand #206A, East Wing. Drip candles, wedding candles, dinner candles, votive and many other candle selections. Contact: Trudy Gauger.

Soy Candles and More. Covered Flea Market. #144-145, and #205. Soy Candles, Tarts, Burners. Different scents. Contact: Lori Eppihimer. (610) 476-8913. Email


Lee’s Carpets and Variety. Covered Flea Market #146-147 and #199. Household Items. Contact: Lee Colllins. (856) 304-3812.


Accessories & Collectibles

Air Brush Studio. Stand #310B, South Wing. Vanity license plates and frames, neon frames. Contact Bea Crowley. (610)-349-2321.

Tri-Star System Stickers. Stand #232. Car Decals and Stickers. Vinyl Adhesive Stickers, Magnetic Signs, Lettering and Numbering, Vehicle Window Graphic. Contact: Edwin Velazquez. (609) 405-4842. Email


Toys are FUN! Stand #136. Contact: Neal Petenbrink. Vintage collectible cars, mugs, stickers


Stand #19. Stand 117, 119. Please contact office for details.


B-Wear Sportswear. Stand #146, East Wing. Clothing of all kinds, t-shirts, socks, sweat clothes, jump pants, shirts and more. Contact: Thomas Kim. Email.

We looking for vendors selling Men, Women’s, and Children’s clothing and uniforms.

Grizzly’s Leather. Stand #214. Leather jackets and goods, blankets, shirts, buckles, belts, biker jackets, gloves, wallets, chaps, vests, tool pouches, purses, saddle bags, cycle things, head wraps, helmets, wildlife coffee mugs and travel mugs. Contact: Ryan Coombe. (484) 629-0132.


AbundaBrew – Stand #116, West Wing. Coffee/Espresso Drinks, Tea, Fresh Lemonade, Vermont Maple Syrup.


Barry’s Coins – Stand #223, East Wing. Buy and sell coins and paper money. Sell coin and stamp supplies, Sells White’s Metal Detectors. Contact: Barry Moser. (610) 367-5376


Do you sell cosmetics? We are looking for a cosmetics vendor! We are looking for AVON distributors.


Stuff & Computers. Covered Flea Market #206 and 207. Saturday only. Reconditioned computers and electronic stuff. Contact: Danny McCormack or Jennifer Sperduto. Email


Country Peddler Crafts. Stand #241A. Country crafts, braided rugs, curtains, candles, wooden signs, pictures, shelfs, mirrors, floral items, wrought iron items, potpourri, primitive decor, seasonal items, lamps, lamp shades, timer candles. Contact: Barbara Tarris. (610) 777-3535. Email. Click here for website.

Sue’s Kozy Country Shop. Stand #139. Craft Items. Country and primitive work. Tin crafts. Towels and seasonal crafts, lace, shelves and signs, baskets, hand printed bowls, potpourri, wrought iron and more. Contact: Sue Rutter. (484)-955-5731.


Burt’s Farms. Stand #228, East Wing. Specializing in hanging and aged beef, pork, veal and lamb. Local meats and custom cuts. 10 freezer plans. Sides of beef and hogs, variety of homemade sausages and hamburger patties. Homemade smoked kielbasa, sausage, andouille, dog bones, and pig ears. Homemade deli items: turkey meatloaf, kielbasa loaf, roast beef and ham salad. Contact: Bill Wiles. Phone number at Zerns: (610) 367-8791. Email.  Click here for Website

Clover Farms. Stand #210. Fresh beef and pork. Fresh sliced deli. Home smoked meats. All types of cheese. Beef jerkey. Freezer orders. Contact: Gregory and Grace Reinert. (610) 367-6287

Fry’s Deli. Stand #107. Speciality Sandwiches: ham, chicken, turkey, duck, rabbit, deep fried kool-aid mushrooms, gizzards, livers, rocky mountain oysters. Contact: William and Brendy Fry. (484) 941-4013.

Weidner’s Deli. Stand #123. Jerky–(beef and turkey). Lunch meat, cheese, eggs, salads. Contact: George and Shelly Greis. (610) 367-5053.


Jim’s Electronics. Covered Flea Market #38. Stereo, speakers, and music equipment. Contact: Jim Oswald. (484) 346-9582.


Eyeglass Repair Shop. Stand #207, East Wing. Vintage eyewear, costume eyeglasses and sunglasses. Eye glass repairs while you wait. Special services: assisted living and mobile eyeglass repair. Contact: Brian Girsh, (917) 445-8535Email

Fishing Supplies

We are looking for a vendor who sells fishing supplies.


Auntie Anne’s Pretzels. Stand #2, North Wing. Soft pretzels in jalapeno, garlic, raisin, sour cream, almond, cinnamon sugar. Pretzel sticks in regular and cinnamon flavor. Soft drinks, dutch ices, and juice drinks. Email

Asian Garden. Stand 109, East Wing. Delicious Asian food and fresh home made desserts. Contact: Minyu Lee.


Hofbrau, Jr. Cooked Foods. Stand #213. Homemade soups and salads, hot and cold sandwiches, french fries, pierogies, chicken nuggets, puddings and jello beverages, hot and cold beverages, breakfast items. Contact: Joanna Weiser. (610) 367-9394.

Italian and French Pastry Shop. Main Market. Stand #215. Donuts, bear claws, pies, cakes and breads. Contact: Michael Bruno. Email

Johnny’s Hoagies. Stand #128 and Stand #121. Made to order hoagies. 2 Hot: Meatball and Sausage. 7 Cold-American, Italian, Ham, 3 Cheese, Roast Beef, Tuna, Turkey, Can Soda, Water, Potato Chips, Cuban sandwiches, BLT Hoagies, Chicken Salad, Italian Sausage, Grilled Chicken Hoagies. Contact: Willard Carpenter. Email

King’s BBQ. Stand #124. Contact Ryan Messner.

Hen House Cafe. Stand #118A. Contact Bryan Hensley.


Little Richards. Stand #101. Cotton Candy. Funnel Cake. Caramel Corn. Caramel Apples. Snowcones, Lemonade, Ice Tea, Sodas, Pretzel covered with caramel. Contact: Thomas Richard. (267)-735-8355

Little Richards. Stand #103. Sausage. (Polish, Italian, Country), Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, Hot Dogs, Fries, Cheese Fries, Meatball Subs, Turkey, Beef and Pork BBQ, Soup, Chili, Chicken Breast, Cold and Hot Drinks. Contact: Thomas Richard. (267)-735-8355

Moore’s French Fries. Stand #121. French fries and punch. Contact: Cathy Moore. (484)-256-5452


Zerns Family Pizza. Main Market Stand #125. Fresh made to order stromboli’s! Available varieties include italian, cheesesteak, veggie, meat lovers, and ruben. You also cannot forget our famous pizza with toppings including cheese, pepperoni, sausage, and mushroom. Specialty pizzas such as buffalo chicken, bbq chicken, and veggie are available as well. Other menu items include garlic bread, chili (seasonal), nachos and cheese, and chips. Drinks include fountain soda, iced teas,  grape drink, milk, chocolate milk by the bottle, coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate, and bottled water. Also Rosati water ice in a variety of flavors! Contact: Cathy Baldwin at: 610-367-2348 to order. Email



D&T Produce. Stand #134. Produce. Contact: Deborah Ahner. (610) 790-4361

Jimmy’s Produce. Stand #205. Produce, bread, rolls, chips, Tastykake. Contact: Jimmy Michlen.


R-Valley Farms. Main Market Stand #143. Produce and fresh fruit. Bronze vendor–been at Zerns for over 36 years! Contact: Mary Ann Ridall.


Stauffer’s Family Farm. Stand #104 and #105. Farm fresh and home grown fruits and vegetables. Specializing in quality potatoes and tomatoes. Year round apples, peaches, plums, nectarines, pears, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, squash, peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, cabbage, beans, beets. Herb plants, bedding plants, vegetable plants and perennials. Full line of Bauman’s apple and fruit butters, landis all-natural peanut butter, pure honey. Maple syrup. Homemade jams, jellies, Jake & Amos products. Contact: Jeff Stauffer. (215) 679-5894


B & F Grocery Outlet. Main Market Stand # 235


Mahoney’s. Covered Flea Market #MY 102. Used furniture, chairs, tables, stands. Contact: Jack Mahoney. (215) 512-9169

Just for Nice. Covered Flea Market 153-159, and 184-192. Furniture and Collectibles. At Zerns for over 35 years! Contact: Pat Bauman (610) 468-1498.


Deal Me In Games. Stand #240. Board Games, Collectible Game Cards, Pokemon, Dungeons and Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, Gaming Supplies, Sanctioned events for all CCGs. Contact: Michael Coyle. (215) 327-9210. Click here for website.

Games and Tapes Unlimited. Covered Flea Market. #138. Video Games and Related Game Items. Contact: Randy Smith. (484) 363-7526.

S&G Games. Stand #151. Nintendo, Sega, Playstation 1,2,3, and X-Box 360, and even Atari, games and game systems from old to new! Wide variety of accessories. Sell your old unwanted games? We pay cash or give store credit.


Toys are FUN! Stand #136. Contact: Neal Petenbrink. Vintage collectible toys, barbies, cars, puzzles, mugs, stickers


Robin’s Nest. Covered Flea Market #103. Glass and crystal items. Contact: Robin Wheeler. Email


Bo-Mart. Covered Flea Market #45-46 and 49-102. Tools. Contact: Bo Soroka.(610) 823-5341. Email

Lou’s Surplus. Stand #10. Tools, hardware, government surplus, factory industrial surplus, bought/sold/traded. Contact: Jules Krenzel. Email. Phone: (215) 407-7114

Vern’s at Zerns. Covered Flea Market #47 and #48. Hardware and miscellaneous items. Contact: Vernon or Christina Miller.


Zerns Hearing Aids. Stand #24. Assorted hearing aids. Contact: Todd Culbreath. 610-203-6900


Bath/Kitchen Savers. Stand #251, East Wing. Bath and kitchen savers. Contact: Kellie Jackson.


Kitchen Drawer. Stand #203. Kitchen Gadgets. Bakeware, kitchen implements, cookie cutters, cooking utensils, lemonade makers. Contact: Christos Orphaides. (215) 610-3569.

Ice Cream


Cappy and Pat’s Ice Cream. Stand #112. Ice cream cones, sundaes, shakes, soft serve, ice cream, novelty ice cream products, soda in cans. Selling HERSHEY ice cream! Contact: Jan C and Pat H Kranch. (610) 334-1618


Beverly’s Jewlery. Stand #208, East Wing. The best quality sterling silver and stainless steel jewelry of all types. Contact: Lucia and Beverly Scotto. 484-219-9601. FaceBook Fan Page: beverlysjewelry

Breslin Jewelers. Stand 130, West Wing. Retail sales, jewelry, jewelry repair, watch repair, custom designs. Contact: Neill Beslin. (610)-473-7568.

C & S Jewelery. Stand #102, East Wing. Fine Jewelry, diamonds, watches, 14K gold, necklaces, rings, charms and much more. Contact: Hyon Young. (610) 367-9101

Jackie’s Pandora Jewelry. Main Market. Stand #208A. Pandora bracelets, necklaces and accessories. Phone: 484-682-7313.

K & S Jewelry. Stand #313. Jewelry and jewelry repair. Contact: Chi Yon Kim. (267) 972-2987. Email

Minerals and Jewelry. Main Market. Stand #217. Minerals and Jewelry. Open SATURDAY. Contact: Joe & Tess Hegedus.



Deerskin Leather. Stand #310. NEW STAND featuring moccasins, jackets, handbags, wallets, child and adult moccasins and boots with beads. Specializing in Minnetonka. Contact: Craig Fogel. (610) 306-9092

Grizzly’s Leather. Stand #214. Leather jackets and goods, blankets, shirts, buckles, belts, biker jackets, gloves, wallets, chaps, vests, tool pouches, purses, saddle bags, cycle things, head wraps, helmets, wildlife coffee mugs and travel mugs. Contact: Ryan Coombe. (484) 629-0132.


Deerskin Leather. Stand #310. NEW STAND featuring moccasins, jackets, handbags, wallets, child and adult moccasins and boots with beads. Specializing in Minnetonka. Contact: Craig Fogel. (610) 306-9092


BB’s Self-Defense – Stand #241, East Wing. Self-defense items, swords, darts, paint ball supplies, leather vests, fishing equipment, accessories, pepper spray, fishing equipment, bags, button flys and more. Contact: Betty Belfoire. (484) 432-7811

Box Lot Dollarama. Midway (near Covered Flea Market). Discounted NEW items for house, clothing, toiletries, games, children’s items, tools, batteries, seasonal items. Contact: Qu Yuan Song.

Muffley’s Things. Covered Flea Market # 8 and 9. Assorted items. Contact: Dennis Muffley.

Piner’s Treasures. Covered Flea Market #148. New and used items. Contact: Vera Piner.


Little Red Chapel. Stand #216. Oldies but goodies CD’s. Sinatra/Dean, Martin/Glenn Miller, Big Bands, Blue Grass, Gift and Collections, Close-out Sales. Collectibles. Contact: Norman and Beatrice Batchelder. Email (Stand for Sale)


RK Zimmer’s Pets. Stand #301. Puppies, kittens, rabbits, other pets, and a full line of pet accessories and toys. Contact: Robin Zimmer. (610) 367-5572. Click here for website.


Good News Wireless. Stand #150A. Prepaid cell phones, minutes, phone cards. Contact: Jihong Kim. Email


Lucky Bamboo. Stand #1. Main Market. Indoor/outdoor garden items. Lawn stakes, Bird Seed and Suet, Feeders and houses. Silk garlands. Sun Decor, Signs, Corinthian Bells, Bamboo Wind chimes, Garden Flags, Growing Animals, Fresh Flowers


Loder’s Poultry. Stand #209. Fresh poultry products, whole chickens, whole hams, farm fresh turkeys, turkey sausage, turkey ring bologna, farm ducks, fresh eggs and butter. Contact: Doug Delp. (215) 767-4221


Best Embroidery. Stand #243, East Wing. Custom embroidery on shirts and hats. Contact: Chul Ho Mun (Stoney).


Song’s Sneakers. Stand #310C. Sneakers for adults and children. Contact: Qu Yuan Song. (917) 302-0681.

Deerskin Leather. Stand #310. NEW STAND featuring moccasins, jackets, handbags, wallets, child and adult moccasins and boots with beads. Specializing in Minnetonka. Contact: Craig Fogel. (610) 306-9092

We need women and men’s shoe vendors! Please contact the office!


Ciprick Signs. Covered Flea Market #196. License plates and metal signs. Open Saturdays. Contact: Charles Ciprick.

Campsigns. Midway (near Covered Flea Market). Wood Camp Signs. Contact: Jim Taylor. (610) 340-0121. Email. Website or click here.

Simply Said Signs. Stand #1B Main Market. Customized Wood Signs, Tiles, Picture Frames, Pillows, Glassware, Wall Quotes, Wedding, Bridal, Shower & Birthday Gifts


Sock City. Stand #153. Socks. Good cotton thread socks, most socks 93% cotton. Wintertime warm leggins and pajamas. Tee shirts and A shirts, Boxers, Women’s Bra and Panties. Contact. Kwang Hee Ro. Email


J.G.L. Seafood Shack. Main Market. Stand #113  All seafood products: fish, shellfish, seafood salads, fresh breaded grouper, crab cakes, shrimp, frozen seafood products, seafood sandwiches, soups, and shrimp. Contact: Larry Herschell. Phone: Email


Victory Skate Shop. Stand #308. Skateboards and accessories, skate shoes and clothing, ice skates-rollerblades, skate skis, sports items. Contact: Vickie Emswiler. (610) 517-5823. Email


Cards and Clocks. Main Market Stand #314. Antiques, watches, coins, sports cards and non-sports cards, children’s toys and books. General merchandise. Contact: Gwen and Richard Brown. (610) 639-6648.

Joe’s Minerals. Main Market #217. Saturday only. Gems and Jewels of all colors and sizes. Contact: Joe Hegedus. (610) 597-6408. Zerns Silver Vendor–been at Zerns for over 50 years!

Kathy’s Smoke Shop. Main Market Stand #225. Cigarettes and tobacco. Cigars (domestic and imported), chewing tobacco, cigarettes (pack, carton), zippo lighters, cheap lighters, pipes, antique tobacco memorabilia, smoking collectibles. Contact. Kathy Rasziewicz. (610) 781-6826

Pistol Pete’s 3C’s. Stand #247. Sportcard and supplies. Comics and collectibles and memorabilia (McFarlene Figures), Silly Bandz, record albums. HESS trucks. Contact: Peter Frasca. (215) 880-8743. Email

Record Albums. Covered Flea Market #114. Records and music. Vintage and hits. Contact: Donna Fager

Simon’s Health and Beauty. Main Market Stand #149. Drug store items and cosmetics. Health and beauty aids, cosmetics, tobacco, cigarettes. Contact: Harry Simon. (610) 291-5615

This and That. Main Market Stand #301A. Porcelain dolls, chef knives, personalized notepads (including seventy dog breeds), wooden dog plaques which can be be personalized. Contact: Nick and Pat Solazzo. (484) 951-8786. Email


Spices and Such. Main Market Stand #148. Coffee, tea, spices, herbs, cocoa, extract oils for baking, cooking supplies, natural potpourri. Contact: Lorraine Brinkman. Phone: 610-367-5753 or 215-234-0672.


Victory Skate Shop. Stand #308. Skateboards and accessories, skate shoes and clothing, ice skates-rollerblades, skate skis, sports items. Contact: Vickie Emswiler. (610) 517-5823. Email

Sporting Goods Consignment. Stand #135B. Fishing supplies. Sports Consignment. Contact: Robert Olney.


Heartsleeve Studio. Main Market Stand # 132/133. Tatoo services, tatoo related items. Contact: Shawn and Christ Brightbill.

Television & Accessories

We need a vendor who sells TVs and Accessories



Anything from A to Z. Covered Flea Market #16-19, #22-23, and #131. Everything from stuffed animals to perfume. Stop by to discover an assortment of merchandise. Contact: Rose Heims or Peggy Taggert. Email

Dolls and More. Covered Flea Market #33. Dolls, accessories, and an assortment of items. Contact: Donna Fager. (610) 764-0728.

TOYS ARE FUN. Main Market Stand #136. Antique and Classic Toys. Contact: Neal Petenbrink. (610) 960-0475

Woody’s Wee Wheels. Main Market Stand #204. Model Kits-Cars, trucks, planes, ships. NASCAR diecast. Shirts, hats, jackets, pictures and misc. collectibles. Contact. Robert Woodley.



Vacuum Cleaner Stand. Main Market Stand #137. New/used vacuum cleaners, parts, bags, hoses, supplies, vacuum cleaner repairs. Contact: Robert Bath. (484) 547-4837


Decades of Memories. Main Market Stand #246B. Vintage and antique clothing, dresses, hats, shoes, handbags, antique and vintage dolls, jewelry. Small furniture and linens, collectibles. Contact: Joanne Reilly. (215) 833-3700. Email.

Nancy’s Attic. Covered Flea Market #10-13 and #133-135. Attic Treasures, jewelry, crystal beads, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, broaches. Seasonal items. Lots of interesting stuff. Zerns Silver Vendor-Been at Zerns for 50 years! Contact: Nancy Egolf. (215) 541-9330.


Zombie Shop. Stand #212. All things Zombie. Horror movie collectibles, masks, props, action figures, real skulls, oddities, posters and movies. Contact: Steven Najarian. (610) 406-2142. Email.