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     1100 East Philadelphia Avenue, Gilbertsville, PA 19525. 1/2 Mile East of the Intersection of Route 100 and Route 73. 610-367-2461.
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This pickle is a tongue twister: Visit Peter Piper’s Pickles


PickleOwnerWhat is the secret of a contented pickle? Or an ever-smiling pickle maker? You can ask Philip Dolgan, who lives along the Route 73 corridor, and sells nearly 2500 pickles from his Peter Piper’s Pickle Palace at Zerns Stand 108 every weekend. Phillip and his wife Tara are among our happiest vendors. Employee Stephanie Wallace from Douglassville, shares the enthusiasm; she was an aisle customer at Zerns who was hired while munching pickles on the spot, for her cheery personality, and love of pickles, of course. Her 18 month old son Garrett can be seen munching on a sweet gherkin and the nine year old baseball buff, Benjamin, prefers the spicy Triple XXX hot dill midgets.

The highlight of course, are the big dill pickles, retrieved from an ice-cold wooden barrel, available on a stick, by the pint or by the quart. There are many options. Our office staff favors the sweet horseradish pickle, spicy and sweet with two versions, one more spicy than the other.

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Wonderful snacks carried at this unique stand include olives stuffed with almonds, or stuffed with garlic, blue cheese and provolone. Samples are available on request. Be sure to try a taste of  the natural crème cheese in many flavors: for February you can taste garlic herb, horseradish cheddar, vegetable, scallions, vanilla walnut raisin, apple cinnamon raisin, even flavored with  smoked lox (salmon). Cold Shipping to your cousins in Vermont or Maryland coming soon!

VISIT: Peter Piper’s Pickle Palace, Stand #108, Main Market at Zerns Farmers Market, Gilberstville, PA 19525













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