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Ruffled Vintage with Style at Iffrig’s Collectibles


What in the world is a ruffled fluter?

What in the world is a ruffled fluter? Back in the 1870’s when designers embellished women’s dresses with lace and pleats and ruffles, classy laundries offered the painstaking fluting services. Stylish women everywhere gravitated towards frilly dresses with lots of ruffles. And what a chore to iron! Even classified ads of the day pleaded for “a laundress who thoroughly understood the fluting process.”

These amazing iron ridged rollers that pressed rows of fluting on fabric are rarely found today, though when the ruffled fluter was patented in 1876, they sold for less than $10 each. Ruth Iffrig sold one last week at Zerns for $25 to a happy collector.

Collectors for more than forty years, the Iffrig’s are classic Zernies, and offer a wide assortment of saws, old and new tools, drills and hammers, Weather vanes, World War II books , miniature trains, planes cars, and lunchboxes from the 1960’s, embellished with Scooby Doo and other sixties characters for $15 each.

Contact Ruth or George by email at Iffrig’s Collectibles, Stand 246 A and 246B. Zerns Farmers Market,Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania 19525.

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