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New Vendor: Wise Rabbit Soap Company


Tiffany Millar, curator of the cleverly named Wise Rabbit Soap Company, will help you relax with the delicate soaps she creates for sale at Zerns Farmers Market. There are delightful discoveries in a world of beautiful fragrance and quality soap at stand 150 B in the West Wing.

Every product is hand produced, some of Tiffany’s twenty different recipes date back to soaps her Grecian grandmother created and taught Tiffany to make. Each bar, which retails for $6, is aged for four to six weeks. The current trend is an earthy black raspberry soap, and you can mix and match with other fragrances, 4 for $20. We loved the honeysuckle and cherry blossom variations.


Bath Bombs are popular for one time use. You drop one (about the size of a tennis ball!), into your bath and it ‘explodes’ and fizzes with bubbles, changing the color of the water and adding a pleasant fragrance.   Plant additives are mixed in some of the bars, and you can request a personal order, perhaps a lavender soap blended with healing properties of Dandelions, Comfrey, Lavendar, and Rose Petals.

Wise Rabbit’s Busy Bee soap is made with dandelion infused castor oil, local beeswax and honey – a fragrance free version that makes a nice gift for your hypoallergenic friends. Open every weekend at the Wise Rabbit Soap Company, Stand 150 B at Zerns Farmers Market, 1110 E. Philadelphia Avenue, Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania 19525.  


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