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     1100 East Philadelphia Avenue, Gilbertsville, PA 19525. 1/2 Mile East of the Intersection of Route 100 and Route 73. 610-367-2461.
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Handicap Parking   arrow

Special parking for persons with handicap designation placard. Our market is accessible to disabled shoppers. There are signs around the outside of the market designated for handicapped parking. Below is a list of available stalls. If you need assistance please  ask in the main office or look for our security guards in their Zerns jackets.


  • Door  Nine, two  handicapped spaces against wall
  • Door Twelve,  eight handicapped spaces in parking lot they are between door thirteen and fourteen
  • Door Fourteen, six handicapped spaces on parking lot  they are between door fifteen and sixteen
  • Door  Sixteen, two handicapped  spaces  against wall
  • Door Seventeen, one handicapped  spaces  against  wall
  • Door Nineteen, nine handicapped spaces  against wall                              
  • Door Twenty, eight handicapped spaces against  wall they are between door twenty one and twenty two
  • Door Twenty four, four handicapped spaces on parking lot  they are between door twenty five  and twenty-six.
  • Door Twenty six, five handicapped spaces  on parking lot They are between door twenty seven and twenty-eight
  • Door Twenty nine, two handicapped spaces at wall
  • Door Thirty, four handicapped spaces on parking lot
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