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All Smiles at SMILEY’s Bid Board


The last SATURDAY of every month IS PICK UP DAY AT Smiley’s Bid Board. Owners Lou and Jim Smiley and their niece Jennifer, have been a fixture at Zerns Farmers Market for more than two decades, with 10,000 registered bidders. Run like a silent auction, bidders have almost a month to peruse and outbid each other, with the closing and retrieval begin on the last Saturday of the month.

Over the years, the Bid Board has hosted over 30,000 active bidders, the majority are male. Lots of interesting finds to be made here!

A few years ago an scenic oil painting sold with a hole in it. Lou Smiley thought there was something special about the art work, but never checked. The painting sold for $47 at the Bid Board, the customer took it to a New York Gallery and was offered $7,000!

Cute animals bring bucks too – – an oil painting with chickens went for $1800.00.

Another unusual piece was a Pottery Pig from the 1800’s, which had been used to carry whiskey; that too went for $1800. A taxidermy bear sold this week for over $200. Sometimes you can find unique bulky things – – including an old telephone booth and a 1950’s gas pump.

See the rules for buyers and sellers on our website, ZERNS.com and check out Smiley’s Bidboard. There is a wide range of great items in 2400 square feet of display at Stands 240 and 235 North Wing, or phone the Smileys at 610 473-9797. for more information.


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