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Add Some Spice to Your Life! Stand #148


This month we feature Zerns Farmers Market Vendor Lorraine Brinkman, owner of SPICES AND SUCH, Stand #148

lorraine brinkman spices and such_CrpdsLong time and favorite vendor Lorraine Brinkman sells a great Columbian coffee bean with triple the caffeine.

Her weekend stand at Zerns Farmers Market is filled with such discoveries–fragrant and mysterious aromas. Afer more than a decade at Zerns, Lorraine has developed an unusual expertise in the world of spices.

SPICES ‘N SUCH at stand # 148, has more than 70 varieties of coffee, and 100 teas for sale. While she doesn’t head off for Borneo or Tanzania, Lorraine often journeys out of town to home shows, always searching for something new and different.

On request, Lorraine will special order delicious Jamaican Blue Mountain, and she carries organic Peruvian and Mandehling Sumatra beans, organic Mexican beans, ‘Hot Havana Nights,’ and the wonderful Ethiopian Harah with its fruity fragrance and a taste that resembles a dry red wine!

There is a large selection of packaged teas from STASH and TWINING tea companies. Among loose teas, you can buy “Gunpowder Tea;” at $1.50 an ounce, a very high grade of green tea; young leaves are rolled into miniscule balls in the Guandong Province of China, imbuing the tea with a sharp flavor, and light color. Another unusual tea available at Spices ‘n Such, is Lapsang Souchong. Priced at 95 cents an ounce, the tea is dark in color and delicious when served iced; the leaves are smoked over a wood fire to give the product a refreshing smoky flavor.


There are ‘miles’ of spices, all very fresh. During hunting season, customers want coriander and fennel to make sausage when they bring in venison. “Sometimes customers see a TV cooking show, and there is a rush for a certain kind of spice. We have to be up on what could be happening!” This fall, you can find also find spicy sauces.


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