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     1100 East Philadelphia Avenue, Gilbertsville, PA 19525. 1/2 Mile East of the Intersection of Route 100 and Route 73. 610-367-2461.
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Founded in 1922, Zerns Farmers Market is one of the oldest farmers markets in the United States of America. An icon in the community, we've seen generations of families shop and work at our market. We are proud to support small businesses and offer a family friendly atmosphere. Welcome to Zerns, America's favorite pastime!

Meet our Vendors

From spicy pickles and tomatoes to vintage jewelry, baseball cards and Vaseline glass vases, we offer all kinds of merchandise and memorabilia at Zerns Farmers Market. Fresh produce is always on sale, along with homemade relish and jellies, (Stauffer’s has been here for sixty years!). Pick up your dinner or snacks - -a satisfying hoagie or French fries, Spanish-style rice and beans, shoofly pie and baked Amish specialties. Click on the link to meet some of our great vendors. Make sure you check our Facebook and Pintrest pages for more.

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Meet a Zernie

What actually IS a Zernie? The answer is a cornucopia of old timer shoppers, teeny-boppers, barber, chef, baker or pizza maker. You get to be a Zernie when you come often, find great treasures in the flea market, know the vendors with the best mushrooms, unique stock of lace and vintage clothes or peruse Nancy’s stock of costume jewelry searching for the rare Bakelite bracelets. Some folks write us that they can remember the smell of Zerns French fries lingering from their childhood. One couple toted 30 pounds of nails from Lou’s Surplus to their new home in Mesa, Arizona. You might qualify, and if you want to be featured, email us by filling out the form on the right. Let us know why you like to shop at Zerns, or your nostalgic memories. What is the most interesting find you have made? Send us a photo and we may even post it on Facebook. Thanks!

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Upcoming Events

Need something to do on a weekend? Check our calendar listing. Zerns Farmers Market offers events and fun activities in addition to a plethora of bargain shopping finds. There are Bidboard and household goods auctions. We have wrestling matches once a month in the Silver Wing and car auctions every Friday night. Rousing church hymn sings rock the North Wing once or twice monthy, sometimes accompanied by a talented harpist. Stay tuned because you never know what's in the works at Zerns. If you have a great idea for an event or a charity fundraiser, let us know. Maybe it’s a demonstration of pets that do amazing tricks, or an upcoming competition for a Zerns American Idol, even a slam poetry night. Ask your friends and family. Join the fun and perhaps you will even win some Zerns bucks for the best idea.

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There's only one place like Zerns

Whether you need fresh produce, hardware supplies, clothing, or decorations for your home, you will find a bargain at ZERNS. We are much more than a farmers market. Discover for yourself, one of Pennsylvania's best kept secrets.